Frequent Home Care Questions

We provide home care in St. Louis City, St. Louis County, St. Charles County, St. Charles City. Call today for more information 314-555-5555.

Our clients pay for home care using private funds, long-term care insurance, reverse mortgage proceeds, life-settlement proceeds. We do not accept Health Insurance, Medicare or Medicaid as payment options. 

Our rates are dependent on the types of services you or your aging loved-one needs. We provide hourly, live-in, and virtual care services. All have different rates. Call us for more information. 314-555-5555

We work with you and your family to pick the caregiver that meets your needs and has the qualities that you express are important to you. If for any reason you request to replace your caregiver, we will do so immediately. 

Medicare does not pay for long-term care. Medicare does not pay for home care services that are non-medical in nature. Medicare only pays for temporary rehabilitative care with short visits from a Medicare Certified home health agency. Those visits must be medically necessary and prescribed by a physician. For companion services and hourly care, clients must fund these options themselves.

There are some program in Missouri that allow a family-member to get paid to care for an aging adult. We do not participate in that program. We are private pay only.

When you aging loved-one is no longer able to keep up with simple home-related tasks, shouldn’t be driving, or is having trouble remembering, it may be time for help. Often our phone assessment and in-person assessment can give you a clearer picture of the needs from a professional point-of -view. Give us a call 314-555-5555

We have back-up caregivers on call 24-7 for these types of emergencies. We will send a different caregiver out to your home right away.

We can typically provide a caregiver within 24-hours, or sometimes the same day! Give us a call, or have the hospital social worker call us at 314-555-5555 and we will get started!

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